K-Taping Sport/K-Taping Pro-Special CPA Congress DUAL Course

Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, January 30, 2013

Sponsored by the Sport Physiotherapy Division

Date(s): Monday, May 27 and Tuesday May 28, 2013
Time: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Instructor Name(s): Lois Pohlod
Eligibility: Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy students, Other health professionals
Pre-requisites: None
Format: Demonstration and application


Delegates Non-Delegates
CPA Members $ 500 CPA Members $ 750
Non-Members $ 875 Non-Members $ 1125

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Background and Overview of Session

Special CPA Congress DUAL course

The K-Taping® Pro course covers the basic functions and effects of K-taping®. Applications learned in the two day course are muscle, ligament, functional correction and fascia correction techniques as well as comprehensive combination techniques for multiple conditions:
Tinnitus, migraine, impingement syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, whiplash, asthma, scoliosis, low back pain, TMJ, Carpal tunnel syndrome, finger contusion, wrist stabilization, hip problems, knee arthritis, achilles tendonitis, ankle weakness, splayfoot and plantar fasciitis, urinary dysfunction, menstrual conditions, prolapse of the uterus, scar tape, nerve techniques, lymphatic correction techniques, and Cross Taping.

K-Taping® Sport is a specialist course which builds on the knowledge gained through the K-Taping Pro, with a specific focus on treatment concepts and applications for injury prevention, training, and rehabilitation related to competitive sport. Instructed by a highly trained K-Taping instructor, this course is excellent for the sport medicine professional supporting athletes at the competitive or recreational level.

Relevance to Physiotherapists

K-Taping® supports almost the entire spectrum of physiotherapy treatments, offering doctors and therapists a multitude of new treatment possibilities. Back problems, muscle tension, joint instabilities or disc problems can be treated, as can migraine, tinnitus, menstrual pain and urinary disorders. K-Taping® even offers an effective post-operative concept in lymphatic therapy, for instance following breast cancer operations. K-Taping® is established in competitive and professional sport for treatment, prevention and pre-training preparation. The following principle applies in all cases: K-Taping® maintains the patient’s full mobility, a decisive advantage compared with previous treatment methods.

Target Audience

Physiotherapists and other professionals looking to include new taping techniques into every day practice

Physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, physicians, sport medicine doctors, chiropractors, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning specialists, massage therapists, and rehabilitation nurses, exercise physiologists, and physical education teachers may all find interest in this course.

The special Congress offering of the dual course requires participants to have sufficient medical or therapeutic background to manage the volume of content that will be covered.


Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss the basic functions and effects of K-Taping: improvement of muscle function, elimination of circulatory restrictions, pain reduction, supports joint function;
  2. Demonstrate the four application techniques: muscle, ligament, functional corrective, lymphatic correction;
  3. Demonstrate the combination techniques, and applications on specific indications;
  4. Describe chromatics and the use of color, stretch, and how to apply the tape effectively;
  5. Assess and provide taping options for sport specific injuries based on serious of case studies.


Lois Pohlod

Lois Pohlod is a Sport Physiotherapist living in Calgary, Alberta.  Lois graduated from McGill University with a BSc. in Physical Therapy.  As a Sport Physiotherapist Lois has had the opportunity to work with Canada’s top athletes.  Lois has been a member of the Canadian Health and Science team for the 1997 FISU Games in Sicily, the 1999 & 2012 Pan American Games, and the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England.  She was a part of the team at Olympic Games in Athens, Greece (2004) and worked as a physiotherapist with the VANOC host medical team at the Vancouver Olympic Games.  Lois was the Sport Physiotherapist with Team Canada’s National Women’s Team as Canada won gold at the 2000 and 2004 World Championships.  Lois has been a K-Taping Instructor since October 2011.  She and her husband Steve enjoy staying active with golf and cycling and spending time with their four children.

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