EquiK-Taping. The new, revolutionary treatment method in equestrian sports.

The K-Taping method has been established in Germany for many years and has become an integral part of medical and therapeutic training and therapy in human medicine and competitive sports. K-Taping supports almost the entire spectrum of physiotherapy treatments. Thanks to the International K-Taping Academy, this modern treatment method is increasingly gaining recognition in many other countries, such as Canada www.k-taping.ca. In addition to offering specialist training courses, the Academy also investigates the therapy’s application potential in and beyond human medicine.

Thus, in the past years, an effective treatment concept for horses has been derived from the K-taping method. Effective treatment techniques appropriate to equestrian sports that were developed in Germany have recently been successfully applied to a number of injured sport horses used in competitive sports in a trial at the French military academy (Ecole Polytechnique – Palaiseau) near Paris. The data and results of the applied treatment techniques show clearly, that with the right material, a therapist specially trained in Equi.K-Taping therapy can achieve a therapy success equal to that in human medicine. The adhesive properties of regular K-Tapes used in human medicine, which are neutral to the skin, differ significantly from the tapes that have to be able stick to horse fur. Therefore, tapes and adhesive used in Equi.KTaping have to be specifically designed for the therapy of horses. With its various application techniques, Equi.K-Taping has a proprioreceptive effect on muscles, ligaments and joints. It is possible to affect muscle tone, guidance of joints and stabilizat ion. In addition, by raising skin and tissue underneath the tape, blood and lymph circulation are improved. This stimulates the healing process. The elastic Equi.K-Tapes made from pure cotton are free from drugs or any active ingredients. They maintain the horse’s unrestricted mobility, since they allow a full range of motion. The elasticity of the cotton tape is matched to the muscular resilience. Thus it takes only a short time until the applied tape is no longer noticed. Equi.K-Taping can be used for the treatment of muscle tension, ligament and tendon problems, swelling and lymphostasis as well as for osseous and fascial corrections. From postoperative therapy over rehabilitation and training therapy to prophylaxis, Equi.KTaping offers a multitude of new treatment options.

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