Get Patients Back to Where They Used to Be with Theraband


As a rehab equipment distributor, the elastic resistance products via the OrthoCanada website are quite vast. Over the last 30 years, Theraband has continually shown positive outcomes to support active recovery in the industry. Theraband resistance bands are the original products in the industry and the original system of progressive resistance. The entire portfolio of products carries the same commitment to professional quality, effectiveness and durability. Here are 5 reasons to consider Theraband as a guide to get patients back to where they used to be.

1. Theraband Academy The Theraband Academy provides proven protocols for Theraband products via It’s a great resource that connects healthcare professionals and consumers to the growing knowledge of progressive exercise. The site offers specialized portals for easier search optimization for subscribers.


“Theraband Academy is a fabulous resource and it’s free! I truly appreciate the investment that has been made into the research, education an tools provided by the Academy. I reference often and with confidence that the information is timely, relative and accurate. My patients appreciate being able to search the site to answer questions, and I have confidence that they’ll be well-informed.”  Mary E. Sanders, Phd, FACSM, RCEP, University of Nevada School of Medicine, Waterfit Director

2. Driven by Research, Preferred by Clinicians Exercise bands and tubing are effective and simple. As each level in a rehabilitation or strengthening program is mastered, patients can increase resistance and the degree of challenge accordingly. They simply follow the recognized Theraband color sequence, which offers up to eight levels of challenge.

3. The Colors You Know and Trust-In Every Product Theraband realizes the importance of action through advancement and of achieving success in sequence as patients move through stages to become healthier and stronger. Advocates of Theraband products view the chart below to more than a sequence of colors. They consider the move from one color to the next as validation of real progress (International Clinical Reference Guide, 2012).



4. One System for All Needs All Theraband products have always been based on the above color progression system that follows a progression in the force required to elongate the band or tube. Because the industry now requires latex-free options, Theraband has perfected the new latex-free bands so they provide the same quality  and consistence progression in resistance as our latex bands. As a result, all three types of Theraband elastic resistance products provide the same resistance levels and there is no need to reference different charts. All Theraband elastic products provide one system of progressive resistance.

Testimonial: “The reason Theraband products stand out in the industry is Performance Health’s dedication to clinical excellence. You can trust that when a Theraband product is placed into your clinic, it has been tested and researched by independent clinicans. Theraband products provide the clinician with the highest quality possible and the evidence-based protocols that support their use. As a result, our patients get the highest quality rehabilitation. Because I’m committed to providing that level of rehab for all my patients, I’m committed to using Theraband.” Sue Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, Vice President, Performance Physical Therapy and Team Sports, Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance, Head Athletic Trainer/PT, Los Angeles Dodgers.

5. Broad Selection of Catagories of Theraband Products:


Theraband Elastic Resistance

Theraband Training Stations

Theraband Exercise Balls 

Theraband Balance and Platforms

Theraband Flexbars

Theraband Hand Exercisers

Theraband Weights

Theraband Mats

Theraband ROM

Theraband Foot Roller 

New CLX band loop


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