5 Ways Galileo Training is fundamentally different from vertical vibration devices

  In physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Galileo vibration is used as a complementary form of therapy to enhance existing therapy methods, integrated as a component in the therapeutic approach. With a Galileo, you train power, strength, elasticity, speed and coordination all at once. The Galileo Med L, the medical alternative to Galileo Fit, has the integrated […]

Get Patients Back to Where They Used to Be with Theraband

As a rehab equipment distributor, the elastic resistance products via the OrthoCanada website are quite vast. Over the last 30 years, Theraband has continually shown positive outcomes to support active recovery in the industry. Theraband resistance bands are the original products in the industry and the original system of progressive resistance. The entire portfolio of […]

Our partner Phydeo gets reviewed by Canadian physiotherapist Blaise Dubois

Back in 2014, I posted the launch of our partnership with Phydeo, a start up from Quebec. Phydeo as developed a simple solution to the pen and paper method where physical therapists can prescribe exercises to their patients via their smartphones. Since then, phydeo has grown significantly across Canada and internationally. Already 3000 physical therapists are […]

Think Salsa When Spotting

  Last year, a friend and I decided to buy a Groupon for a beginner’s salsa class at a beautiful dance studio here in Vancouver. There was an even mix of males and females but initially we all learned several moves independently, lined up side by side facing the instructor. These seemed easy enough, with […]

8 Exercise finds you should know about

Let’s face it, too many of us are not keen on prescribing functional exercise regimes to patients because of patience compliance issues etc. And when it comes to prescribing exercise for ourselves, all kinds of excuses can happen. Here are some exercise finds to add to your fitness toolbox: 1. Weighted Exercise Hoop Bring the fun back to your […]

Diabetes and Exercise

Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, May 12, 2014 After reviewing  a retweet from the Canadian Diabetes Association via the OrthoCanada twitter handle, I came across the video below.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of the staff who starred in the spot and attended many events at the Cardiac Rehab site where the video was filmed. […]

What is the #1 treatment for fatigue?

Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, February 20, 2014 After a busy day pushing around Bobath Tables in Toronto yesterday, I rushed to catch a flight departing from Billy Bishop airport. Once fitted into my seat I finally felt the 4:00 am wake up time and the subsequent fatigue ensued. I usually try not to sleep on […]

Taking TIME for mobility

Courtesy of Toronto Rehab-UHN Developed in 2005 by Toronto Rehab physiotherapists, Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME) is a community-based exercise class for former Nero Rehab Program patients and members of the community at large living with impairments of a stroke, brain injury, MS, Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions. This collaboration between health care […]

Researchers’ strategy may help rejuvenate aging muscle tissue-Harvard Gazzette

Stem cells need recovery time, too Researchers’ strategy may help rejuvenate aging muscle tissue By MGH Public Affairs Is aging inevitable? What factors make older tissues in the human body less able to maintain and repair themselves, as in the weakening and shrinkage of aging muscles in humans? A new study from Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital […]