Value of Physiotherapy

Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, April 21, 2014

This is the latest literature review from the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. These printable infographics have been created by the OPA as a resource to advocate for better access to physiotherapy services in Ontario. Here are some ideas of how therapists can utilize these resources and illustrate the value of physiotherapy:

  • Order printed copies of the infographics (9″ X 11″ posters) and post them in your clinic, hospital or workplace
  • Share this research with interested colleagues
  • Use the evidence-based support for the use of physiotherapists when speaking with management/governing bodies, or your MPP
  • For informational purposes post the infographics on your own website
  • Share the research on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook

The Value of Physiotherapy in Cardiovascular Disease and Congestive Heart Failure

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