K-Taping supports Ultimate Frisbee in Vancouver



7 Reasons as written on the Vancouver Ultimate website:

For Fun

Ultimate is really fun! 

There’s just something especially awesome about throwing a disc and watching it fly… or chasing one down and reaching to grab it at the last second, all to the roar of your teammates.

Make new friends

The friends you don’t know you have are waiting! 

Whether it’s your own team, or the team you’re playing against, you’ll meet a variety of great people. Ultimate has a strong community because games are played with sportsmanship as a top priority, and most leagues are co-ed. Stories of long-term friendships and relationships that developed through ultimate are abundant.


Running and smiling are both good for the heart.

Getting outside and breathing hard for an hour or two is a great way to stay in shape. Doing so with your friends is even better.

Low Cost

Ultimate doesn’t break the bank.

You need a very little equipment to play ultimate: shorts, shirt, cleats, and a disc. That’s it!  And our league fees work out to about $5 for 2-3 hours of play — one of the least expensive team sports you will find.


There’s something for everyone.

In the VUL, there are a wide variety of options to play ultimate that will appeal to different ages and skill levels. We operate youth and adult leagues as well as different formats other than the traditional 7-on-7 game. We offer skills clinics & camps, as well as social events and tournaments to players of all levels, from brand new to national caliber.


Play to win, but play within the rules. 

Ultimate is different from most other team sports in that it is self-officiated. We play with no referees, and players are responsible for making all calls themselves. This means respect, communication, integrity and sportsmanship are very important parts of the game. In other words: play to win, but play with respect and within the rules. For more, read about Spirit of the Game.


Higher level opportunities available.

If you like playing Ultimate, and start to get quite good, playing at Provincial and National championships may be within your reach. Since ultimate is a fairly new sport, there are greater opportunities to play at a high-level than other sports. Vancouver is also a hub for elite ultimate: our city has produced teams that have competed and won at numerous National and International championships.



If you are visiting Vancouver the weekend of July 26-27, 2014 and looking for something to watch or play, the local Ultimate Frisbee League is hosting a Babes N’Hats Tournament. The K-Taping Academy has donated K-Tape to Wil Seto, Clinic Director, Reg PT, Dip Sport PT, Dip Ortho, CG IMS, from InSync Physiotherapy. Wil and his team will be on site all weekend K-Taping and providing additional medical coverage to the athletes. Thank you InSync Physiotherapy!

Good luck to all!


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