Commonwealth Games rocked by fowl play in Mascot Race

Team Canada’s Chief Therapist and K-Taping Expert, Lois Pohlod and Canada’s Canoose
Commonwealth Games Update from Glasgow Scotland
THE ATHLETES VILLAGE has been thrown into turmoil with the shock announcement that Ddraig the Welsh dragon has been stripped of his Mascot Race Gold medal after a successful appeal by Canada’s Canoose the
Village Voice (Athletes Village newsletter) can exclusively reveal Commonwealth Games Federation Chief Executive Mike Hooper has upheld an appeal lodged by Team Canada and has awarded the race to Canoose.
In an unwritten rule observed throughout previous Games, all Mascots should have mascot feet. Team Canada provided photographic evidence that Ddraig’s feet were actually in the possession of Wales’ Chef de Mission during the final, making the Welsh dragon disqualified.
Team Canda’s Ombudsperson Rachel Corbett and Canoose were thrilled at the decision, claiming justice had been restored in the Village.
The police even made an appearance to award Canoose his deserving Gold Medal and appeal letter, confirming he was the new Village Mascot Race winner.
Rachel explained that along with Director of Sport Scott Stevenson, she agreed to make the protest on Canoose’s behalf, as he was too distraught to do so himself.
Rachel said: “Canoose can’t see very well and didn’t notice that Ddraig had no feet on. He was cheated out of the race.”
When asked why they didn’t make the protest after the heats, Canoose said: “He had worn his feet in the heats – he didn’t need to cheat then.”
Canoose, who had been undergoing intense training for the event, said: “I went to Bacchus in Glasgow but only drank water. I left at 21.30 to get back to the Village to get my head down and rest my feet.”
He also admitted that at 27, he was getting on a bit, but he claimed that he  still wasn’t old enough to get beaten by a ‘cheating’ dragon.
Team Canada’s Chef de Mission, Chantal le Peticlerc, concluded: “We have striven to provide the optimal training conditions, performance technology and training environment for such an elite goose.
“He has trained diligently for this event, and we applaud the Commonwealth Games Federation for upholding the principle of fair play and awarding Canoose the victory.”
Unfortunately, Team Wales was unavailable for comment.

Canoose with his buddies

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