The Top 5 Non-Physio Skills I Learned from Volunteering in India

I’ve heard established physiotherapist colleagues say “volunteering overseas sounds great, but I don’t think it’s for me”. New physiotherapists have told me “I’d like to volunteer overseas someday, but I want to focus on my career in Canada first”. Working full-time in global health certainly isn’t for everyone, but I truly believe that one single […]

3 ways Sanctband is committed to its Green Initiative

Our Environmental Message Products manufactured by Sanctuary Health (Sanctband Bands and Tubing) are high in quality and are manufactured in accordance to Green initiatives. With this strong emphasis by the Sanctuary Health management and its board of Directors, customers and partners can be assured that products made from the company will leave minimal impact on […]

New K-Taping Course – Women’s Health

The course begins with an overview of the theory and purpose of the K-Taping practical applications and the history of the K-Taping Academy. Practical taping includes a demonstration and practice of each of the techniques used in the K-Taping method.  Muscle techniques include ways to relax or increase stimulation of muscles. Ligament stability applications are […]

Independence at your finger tips. Enjoy a better life with more functional freedom.

introducing the SaeboGlove   Do you have patients whose neurological or orthopedic  injuries have limited their hand function?  Has their recovery reached a plateau? Saebo offers an innovative means to advance patients to a higher level of motor recovery and functional independence.  The SaeboGlove™ uses a proprietary tension system that will extend the client’s fingers […]

What Every Therapist Should Know About

  We are happy to announce the launch of the new! The website has been redesigned to improve user friendliness and appeal. In addition to the changed design and layout of the pages, new functions have been implemented in this version. 10% Off- In the spirit of the new launch, and being in business […]

Real Role Models Do Monkey Bars

Throughout my life thus far, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people that have been my role models and have shaped me into the person that I am today. My parents, senior members of my childhood church, passionate school teachers, caring employers, and countless wise and witty friends have all inspired me, and […]

Commonwealth Games rocked by fowl play in Mascot Race

Team Canada’s Chief Therapist and K-Taping Expert, Lois Pohlod and Canada’s Canoose Commonwealth Games Update from Glasgow Scotland THE ATHLETES VILLAGE has been thrown into turmoil with the shock announcement that Ddraig the Welsh dragon has been stripped of his Mascot Race Gold medal after a successful appeal by Canada’s Canoose the Goose. Village Voice […]

The Puzzle of Pediatric Physiotherapy by PhysioAndrea

Posted by Andrea Mendoza, BSc, MPT, July 29, 2014 Physiotherapy is a never-ending puzzle. That’s the challenge of this profession – we are constantly being driven to expand our anatomical and functional knowledge, amp up our kinaesthetic abilities for assessment and treatment techniques, and cultivate our movement creativity. In 2011, I completed the Master of Physical […]

K-Taping Academy Canada supports #SandJam14 Beach Volleyball Athletes in Halifax, NS

Halifax Sport & Social Club will partner with S|E|A to host a 6-on-6, and 4-on-4 co-ed #SanJam14 recreational beach volleyball tournament on Saturday, August 23, 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. This tournament will be hosted at the new 12 court Volleyball Nova Scotia Beach Volleyball Facility located at the Harbour East Sport facility in Dartmouth, N.S. at 261 Commodore Drive. The K-Taping […]