Zebris Rehawalk

Zebris Forestwalk, Gait and coordination training using virtual feedback

A more advanced Zebris FDM-T System is the Rehawalk, designed especially for Gait Analysis & Gait Training for treating gait disorders in neurological & orthopedic rehabilitation. The System is based on Zebris’ standard force distribution measurement, and is fitted with a unit for projecting the step pattern onto the walking/running surface. The application possibilities include both a dynamic, visual stimulation by projecting the step pattern onto the walking/running surface, & a virtual screen environment. The patient moves in a virtual walking environment & whilst observing their own footprints,
performs tasks that require a continual variation of gait and balancing, increasing demand on cognitive skills & coordination. Exciting research results show that Parkinson patients respond favourably to this form of gait training.
Many treadmill configurations available. www.orthocanada.com/archives
Call for pricing 1-800-561-0310.

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