Virtual Reality Solutions for Improving Physiotherapy

Avatars as physiotherapists? It could be a reality. A virtual reality. Patients could be performing their prescribed exercises in the company of virtual physiotherapists. A new system using avatars and patient specific motions offers new promise for rehabilitation.

Courtesy of Alice Daniel, California Healthline Regional Correspondent

Computer scientist Marcelo Kallmann once used his expertise in computer animation, virtual reality and motion planning to develop new applications for video games.

Then he shifted his focus. He knew gaming systems like Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect had the potential to go beyond entertainment. He asked himself: “Could we use those same technologies to create therapeutic medical tools and to improve and deliver health care?”

Now the associate professor at UC-Merced is working on an answer to that question, one that could offer a long-term solution to an anticipated shortage of physical therapists.

Research article:

virtual physical therapy software.

So hoe does it work?

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