Unrivalled system for pressotherapy with BTL Lymphastim



BTL-6000 Lymphastim

Unrivalled system for pressotherapy
Lymphatic drainage is a well established & clinically proven therapeutic method that delivers immediate and visible results. BTL’s Lymphastim is based on the pneumatic pressotherapy principle. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body.


Indications of use
• Chronic oedema
• Obstruction of lymph vessels
• Venous insufficiency and ischemic diseases

Main Features
• Available with 6 or 12 channels
• Electronic pressure control system
• Wide range of sleeves available with overlapping chambers
• Connectors for easy applicator change by a single click
• Automatic sleeve emptying after treatment for comfortable handling
• Preset programs that can be modified by the user
• Pressure setting from 20 to 160 mmHg
• Chamber activity shown on display
• Available applicator sleeves: trousers, leg and arm

Click on the models below to learn more.
BTL-6000 Easy, 6 channel
BTL-6000 Easy, 12 channel
BTL-6000 Topline, 12 channel


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View some of the applicators used with the BTL-6000 Lymphastim:

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