Tracker Freedom® Wireless Muscle Testing

Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, March 20, 2013

Tracker Freedom Wireless Muscle Testing sets a new standard in the testing and documentation of strength loss due to injury or disease. Our innovative wireless interface combines traditional muscle testing convenience with research-proven dynamometer objectivity and automated data collection. The result is extremely efficient testing and quantified objective data for treatment planning, progress tracking and impairment rating.

Why Wireless Muscle Testing?
Tracker Freedom Wireless Muscle Testing systems offer many advantages over traditional hands on muscle testing, stand-alone dynamometers and cable-connected computerized systems.

  • Gives you the freedom to position the patient and orient the instrument without dragging cords
  • Allows you to arrange the exam area to meet your needs, instead of accommodating the testing system
  • Makes documentation and the entire evaluation process more efficient by automatically collecting data
  • Costs less than many cable-connected systems

Tracker Freedom Muscle Tester


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