POP – Post Operative Knee Exercise Sliding Board

Picture of POP™ – post-operative knee exercise board

A standard for any orthopedic practice and applicable for all knee and lower extremity rehabilitation. The POP is designed to assist patients in knee range of motion exercises. Ideal for post-operative knee flexion and extension exercises, the board features a sturdy heal trolley that glides smoothly along the length of the board. Patients can perform knee range of motion exercises efficiently and comfortably with no concern for friction or uneven surfaces. The board also features grips along the base of the device for slip-free placement on treatment tables and hospital beds. Made of maple with aluminum axles and rubber bumpers to reduce wear and reduce sound.

Micheal Koonar, physiotherapist and the inventor of the POP, is the owner of Koonar Physiotherapy clinic in Windsor, ON. The product, well known as the Froome Board, was originally developed in Windsor, ON by Wayne H. Froome, a local physiotherapist who was well respected for his devotion to his profession  and admired for the fact that he practiced physiotherapy while blind. In coordination with Mr.Froome’s children and a local woodcraftsman, Mr. Koonar reinvigorated the development and manufacturing of this Range of Motion tool after Mr. Froome’s passing. In order to preserve the use of this effective physiotherapy aid and supply it to patients, Mr Koonar reached out to OrthoCanada to distribute this Canadian-made product across the country.

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