Planning to open a new clinic? Call a clinic set-up specialist

New clinic set ups & expansions

Many Canadian clinics have come to rely on OrthoCanada’s core team of professionals, which includes three physiotherapists, a kinesiologist , and a biomedical engineer, all of whom provide timely recommendations and assistance that allow healthcare professionals to increase patient health and wellness. From filling day-to day-needs with standard physiotherapy equipment and supplies to providing sophisticated and precise treatment options for specialized applications, the team at OrthoCanada is committed to supporting the Canadian rehab community.

When setting up new clinics, the OrthoCanada team provides comprehensive assistance with everything from equipment recommendations to installation and training. Over the years, they have played a key role in many state-of-the-art rehab projects, such as the William Osler Health Center in Brampton, Advanced Physiotherapy, Whiterock, BC,  Black Gold Physiotherapy in Fort McMurray, AB, the first Cleveland Clinic in Canada on Bay Street in Toronto, the Athletic Therapy Center of Queen’s University or the Perform Center of Concordia University. Whether managing extensive nationwide expansion projects or getting small hospital or private clinics in remote areas of the country up and running, OrthoCanada always delivers professional advice, outstanding attention to detail, and long-term customer support.

If you are planning to open a new clinic or to expand an existing clinic, please contact . A clinic set-up specialist will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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