Torex cold pack tips

Individuals with known or suspected circulatory problems should not use hot/cold packs unless under the direct supervision of a physician. Never place in direct contact with skin. Always use the enclosed insulating compression sleeve between the torex and the skin to prevent frostbite or burns. Do not exceed 20 minutes for cold applications. Wait 20 minutes prior to […]

A Dry Needle Built for Physiotherapists

  Up until now professional physiotherapists did not have a needle specifically designed for the practice of dry needling. They have had to use acupuncture needles that had been designed for other purposes. OrthoCanada is now pleased to offer APS Dry Needles for physiotherapists. These needles are designed specifically to provide professional physiotherapists with a needle to […]

Shockwave Therapy Reduces Healing Intervals in Sports Medicine

Since the early days of Shockwave therapy (SWT) being used to disintegrate kidney stones in patients (lithotripsy), SWT has evolved into another more therapeutic extracorpeal acoustic wave therapy which offers dramatic tissue regeneration effects. This therapeutic pain therapy causes microscopic extracellular biological effects that apply a healing capacity at body regions experiencing pain. According to […]

Dry needling – Reset problematic muscles, decrease pain and improve function

What is dry needling? Dry needling is an effective therapeutic intervention where a filament needle is used to release tight bands in muscles called trigger points, also known as knots. These knots can be painful with pressure, can refer pain over larger areas, and can also cause movement dysfunctions, which will lead to difficulty performing […]

Tingling hands, tight muscles and bad posture – the untold story of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Are you experiencing numbness or tingling in both hands when you are raising your arms over your head, washing/drying your hair, during prolonged cleaning or overhead activities? You may be experiencing the symptoms of condition called thoracic outlet syndrome. Now you might be asking what that is exactly since it is not a common condition […]

10 reasons to stick with K-Taping in 2014/15

Birgit Kumbrink (right), Physiotherapist, Founder of the K-Taping Method Since the last course in June, the K-Taping Academy Canada team has been off hiding in the hills gathering energy in preparation for the 2014/2015 schedule. Over the summer we have receive many emails asking why K-Taping is different or better than any other elastic taping […]

The 3 Biggest Changes with Infection Control in Physiotherapy

Infection control is critical during all physiotherapy treatments and Richmar has created world-class solutions that provide optimum infection control in a variety of applications. Gel Shot™, delivers an all-new, high-outcome, no-mess solution to ultrasound treatments. Richmar also set the new international standard, for the physical medicine and rehabilitation industries, by creating its Hydra-Therm Hot Packs […]

A new booking solution that connects patients with physiotherapists

I was pleased to here about a new app called Kabuk, that wants to make the life of patients and health professionals easier. How it Works Kabuk connects healthcare professionals with patients via a booking platform. The platform allows patients to find healthcare professionals by searching by name, location, specialty, gender, or language spoken. Booking […]

Clinic Start Ups-4 Tips to Selecting Equipment.

A Clinic Start Up can be very exciting and challenging. There are number of questions that need to be answered and a multitude of adminstrative tasks to be completed. When considering a start up or an add-on, there are a variety of options when selecting equipment that may vary in regards to cost. Since most new clinic […]