A new booking solution that connects patients with physiotherapists


I was pleased to here about a new app called Kabuk, that wants to make the life of patients and health professionals easier.

How it Works

Kabuk connects healthcare professionals with patients via a booking platform. The platform allows patients to find healthcare professionals by searching by name, location, specialty, gender, or language spoken. Booking can be done directly via a clinic website with a booking widget or on Kabuk.

Professionals found on Kabuk:

• Acupuncturists

• Audiologist/Speech Therapists

• Ayurvedic Practitioners

• Chiropractors

• Counselors

• Dentists

• Dietitians

• Homeopaths

• Life Coaches

• Massage Therapists

• Naturopaths

• Nutritionists

• Occupational Therapists

• Optometrists

• Podiatrists


• Plastic Surgeons

• Psychotherapists

Kabuk takes you beyond “marketing” , or relying on word of mouth referrals, and creates a whole new channel for you to attract new patients, and secure and confirm bookings. ( Courtesy of www.kabukit.com)
Kabuk team is looking to build a team of trusted healthcare professionals on the platform. Feel free to sign up at www.kabukit.com for a 90 day trial for the booking solution.

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