MOBI™ Mobilization Devices


Created by a physiotherapist, the MOBI line of mobilization belts is a manual therapist’s best friend. OrthoCanada is pleased to introduce to our manual therapists a wide range of therapy belts to assist with the traction, mobilization and stretching of a patient. With their simple, and sturdy, comfortable construction, therapists are able to easily set-up with MOBI belts to increase the effectiveness of their mobilization techniques.  See more.

MOBI 10’ Mobilization Belt with 24’’ Pad

Features a 24’’ neoprene pad to provide comfort for your patients and a sturdy side release buckle.  See more. mob

MOBI Manual Traction Harness

Easily control time on/off and the amount of traction administered to your patient. Easy, quick set up and take down. Features adjustable buckles to secure the harness around your patient and sturdy seat belt buckle to attach the hip harness to the therapist’s strap. Minimal effort from the therapist is needed to administer a large amount of traction, with no motor required.  See more. mob2

MOBI Multi Joint Distraction Strap

This versatiel strap is used to mobilize the shoulder, hip and knee joint. Comfortable for both the patient and the therapist, this strap features a padding that wraps around your patient’s limb and features an easy to adjust Velcro strap. See more. mobi3

MOBI Shoulder Stretching System – TERT and MOBI Upper and Lower Stretching System- TERT

Total end range time is an evidence based technique. See more. mobi4

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