Lower Back tightness after hockey

Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, February 26, 2014

ice hockey stretches

After playing old timers hockey last night my lower back was quite tight this morning. As a result, I was motivated to fine some effective injury prevention ideas from the rehab community. I came across a brief tip from Dorothy Berwick MPT BSc, from North Shore Sports Medicine in North Vancouver, BC.

“As a recreational hockey player I often find myself rushing to get to the rink and have only 5 min or less of warm up. That on ice time should be used to warm up stick and puck skills, not getting the core and legs warmed up. Warming up your core and legs is the most important thing you can do to protect your back by priming the core muscles.

It can start at home or at the rink but you must make it a part of your pregame ritual. Two foot squats, jumping jacks or light jogging for 10 minutes will start to warm up the core and legs. Both forward and side planks are great way to activate the core muscles. Finally while you are waiting for the zamboni gates to close stand on 1 skate and swing your leg in each direction ten times, then put you stick over your shoulders and twist side to side. Keeping active and having fun are all important components of preventing lower back problems.

Remember pain is not normal no matter what your age. Please consult a physiotherapist for more information or if you are having pain.”

Dorothy Berwick MPT BSc

Registered Physiotherapist

North Shore Sports Medicine: Brooksbank

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