Labor Day Sale- 10% off K-Tape Bulk Rolls, 4 Rolls and PreK Gel

Posted by Leigh MacKenzoe, August 29th, 2013

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Save 10% on K-Tape Bulk Rolls, 4 rolls and PreKel Gel for a limited time only. Just use the Promotion Code LABORDAY online to receive a 10% discount until 1/9/2013.


High-quality tape is essential for the successful application of K-Taping therapy. The water-resistant and breathing properties of the K-Tape allow long wearability and a high level of comfort. K-Tape has very specific properties and maintains consistent quality over a period of several days and under stress. Critical to this requirement is the quality of the materials on the one hand, and the controlled, consistent processing on the other hand. The cotton fabric is woven with the warp and weft at right angles to each other and the incorporated elastic warp thread retains elasticity during the entire application period and not be subject to fatigue.

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