JayBird ONE Athletic Tape


For physiotherapists or athletic therapists looking to help stabilize an athlete or patient’s joint in order to help them get back to sport, or everyday life, taping is often a helpful tool. Whether taping a professional athlete’s sprained ankle, or an elderly person’s thumb, it is important to choose your tape wisely.

For therapists who use taping techniques with their patients, OrthoCanada is excited to introduce Jaybird Athletic Tape to our taping line. Jaybird brand tape has been trusted by athletes, athletic therapists and medical professionals worldwide since 1985. OrthoCanada will be carrying Jaybird’s ONE Tape, which is manufactured using a high thread count fabric, resulting in greater tensile strength and is coated with Jaybird’s exclusive synthetic rubber adhesive formula. For therapists looking for a non-elastic sport adhesive tape with excellent adhesion and tensile strength, the Pro-White tape is a very good choice. Jaybird’s Polyester Cotton blend tape is an economical, but very strong tape which comes standard with serrated edges and can easily be torn either vertically or horizontally with the hands, making it an ideal tape for quick applications. Jaybird’s ONE, Pro-White and Poly-Cotton Blend tape are hypo-allergenic and latex free, which means you can be confident using this tape on a wide range of patients. For techniques which require a more rigid tape, we suggest Jaybird’s Victor Rigid Tape, which is a heavy pressure sensitive adhesion rayon tape. The adhesive is manufactured with dry natural rubber.


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