Hot Therapy Treatment

Now that winter is fast approaching,  finding warmth is a priority.  Heat therapy, also called Thermotherapy, can be applied  to the body for pain relief as well. Thermotherapy can take the form of a hot cloth, hot water, heating pad, hydrollator packs, whirlpool baths, heat therapy wrap, and many others.

Moist heat therapy has been believed to be more effective at warming tissues than dry heat, because water transfers heat more quickly than air. Clinical studies do not support the popular belief that moist heat is more effective than dry heat. Moist heat results in the perception that the tissue is heated more deeply. In fact, recent studies indicate that vasodilation, the expansion of the blood capillaries (vessels) to allow more blood flow, is improved with dry heat therapy. Expansion of the blood capillaries is the primary objective of heat therapy. Heat therapy increases the effect on muscles, joints, and soft tissue. Heat is typically applied by placing a warming device on the relevant body part.

Hot Therapy Devices:

Picture of Thera-therm Shoulder/Neck  (23" x 20")

Thera-therm Shoulder/Neck (23″ x 20″)

Picture of Therabath® Pro Paraffin Bath

Therabath® Pro Paraffin Bath

Picture of Therabead Moist Heat Pack Standard 9x12"

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