Ganglion Cysts disappear with KUMBRINK-CROSSTAPE


Posted by Leigh MacKenzie, May 15, 2014

Since 2010, I’ve been promoting K-Tape and the K-Taping Academy in Canada. Cross-Tape has been the most unique out of all K-Tape products as it offers effective pain therapy options within taping and on it’s own. During tradeshows and workshops across Canada, I have enjoyed seeing the reactions from health professionals when the Cross-Tape is applied to the skin via the finger tip technique described below:

It is very easy to use KUMBRINK-CROSSTAPE®. Carefully pull the KUMBRINK-CROSSTAPE® off the backing paper and let a corner of the tape stick to your fingertip. In doing so, touch the KUMBRINK-CROSSTAPE® as little as possible as some of the charge may be lost when the tape is touched repeatedly. When you position the KUMBRINK-CROSSTAPE® over an acupuncture or trigger point approx. one centimetre parallel to the skin, you can often see that the charged tape is attracted to/pulled towards this oppositely charged area.

On April 26, 2014, I was exhibiting at the annual PABC conference and was showing the benefits of Cross-Tape to many of the members.  Physiotherapist, Linda Lawerance from Burrard Physiotherapy, approach the OrthoCanada table and was interested in the K-Taping method and Cross-Tape in particular. During my pitch I mentioned that Cross-Tape can be used on ganglion cysts, and in some cases the cysts have disappeared over time. Linda was quite interested in the product as she had a cyst or her own wrist. I then placed a medium sized Cross-Tape on the top of the area and advised her to keep it on for 10 days. Two and half weeks later, I received this email from Linda:

May 15, 2014

Hello Leigh,

I was chatting with you at your trade stand at the recent PABC/CPTBC AGM  in Vancouver. You may remember applying one of the criss-cross tapes on my wrist ganglion  Well…. It’s gone! I applied the tape for about a week and am pleased to say there is a minimal bump now. So, yes, it does work.

Kind regards,


Lynda Lawrence Grad Dip Phys

Registered Physiotherapist

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapists

Certified Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation) Practitioner


Burrard Physiotherapy

#702-1190 Hornby Street,

Vancouver BC V6Z 2K5

Tel # 604 684 1640

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