Torex cold pack tips


Individuals with known or suspected circulatory problems should not use hot/cold packs unless under the direct supervision of a physician. Never place in direct contact with skin. Always use the enclosed insulating compression sleeve between the torex and the skin to prevent frostbite or burns. Do not exceed 20 minutes for cold applications. Wait 20 minutes prior to second application. Insure torex is sized correctly and does not fit to tightly, which can restrict circulation. Two fingers should easily slide between pack and treatment area. Inspect pack for leaks prior to use. Discard if any are found. Keep out of reach of children. Torex is not a toy. Torex is for external use only. Suggested action for contact with gel: Thoroughly flush area with water & mild soap. If swallowed call doctor or poison control. Never apply a torex that is too tight.

 Storage and handling

Store in freezer at all times. In order to ensure that your torex product continues to exhibit high performance cold thermal delivery and to prolong its usable life, we recommend that your torex be stored in the freezer. Normal product life is about one year. If you plan to have your torex out of the freezer for an extended period of time (several days) place in a heavy duty zip lock type freezer bag. Squeeze out air and seal closed.

Hot water heating method

Heat 3 quarts of water, place pack in water, heat to desired temperature. Remove and dry before use.
Microwave heating method.In center of microwave, lay torex flat and spread gel even. Heat on DEFROST for 1 minute, remove knead and test temperature. If required torex may be heated on DEFROST for intervals of 20 additional seconds. Knead and test temperature before use. Let cool if torex feels to hot. Warning: Do not heat on high, overheating may occur. Do not heat finger pack in microwave.

Freezer or refrigerator method

Store torex in freezer or refrigerator for two or more hours prior to use. Remove and gently knead to soften prior to use.


Place insulating compression sleeve or equivalent over limb or treatment area. Gently roll the torex over the limb to the desired position. Remove pack after 20 minutes or if it becomes uncomfortable. Wait 20 minutes prior to second application if required.


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