Clinic Start Ups-4 Tips to Selecting Equipment.


Clinic Start Up can be very exciting and challenging. There are number of questions that need to be answered and a multitude of adminstrative tasks to be completed. When considering a start up or an add-on, there are a variety of options when selecting equipment that may vary in regards to cost. Since most new clinic start up owners have a limited budget, a detail analysis of your specific needs and the costs required to satisfy those needs should be carefully thought out.

A common assumption by many new owners is that they should have all the same equipment that established clinics have in the area. The reality is that these established clinics did not have every piece of equipment from the onset. It took time for them to become established both in the market and financially before pursuing future purchases.

Here are 4 tips when selecting equipment:

  1. Create 2 lists: First, think about what and who you will be treating. Join Problems, Post Op Knee etc., and patient populations. The second list should include the most important type of equipment and clinical furniture for each category.
  2. Rate the importance of each piece of equipment on a scale of 1-5.
  3. Rate the versatility of each piece of equipment on the same scale.
  4. Select every piece within your budget , that meets all your essential needs and that because of their versatility can serve as many of your secondary and tertiary needs.

This will give you a better understanding of your needs but be able to prioritize them as well.

A suggested clinic start up list:

Office Equipment

• phone
• printer/fax/copier
• computer/modem/router
• various business software
• office furniture
• credit card machine
• marketing material – ie. referral pads, brochures, business cards, etc.

Clinical Equipment
• goniometers
• tape measurer
• treatment tables (wooden or high/low)
• stools
• large mirror
• stationary bike
• treadmill
• thera-tubing/thera-band
• hand weight set
• physioball
• freezer/ice packs
• ultrasound machine/ultrasound gel warmer
• e-stim machine
• hydroculator/hot packs
• parallel bars or railing
• medicine balls
• wand/stick
• pulleys set
• exercise prescription software program or exercise flashcards for copy
• stackable steps


As your practice continues to grow you will learn more about your needs and you will eventually be able to purchase the additional equipment which will make the most sense for your practice. Meanwhile don’t hesitate to generate a wish list of equipment which you would like to obtain in the future once your practice is more established. You can utilize the same selection process mentioned above to prioritize your wish list. Through careful planning and hard work you will realize your full potential and enjoy the benefits of being in private practice even more.

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