A Dry Needle Built for Physiotherapists



Up until now professional physiotherapists did not have a needle specifically designed for the practice of dry needling. They have had to use acupuncture needles that had been designed for other purposes.

OrthoCanada is now pleased to offer APS Dry Needles for physiotherapists. These needles are designed specifically to provide professional physiotherapists with a needle to be used for the dry needling technique. This high quality and safe needle improves the function of the technique and provides a greater satisfaction for the patient.

Before we go into the product and the benefits, I believe it’s best to compare both the Acupunture and Dry Needling Techniques.


Acupunture Technique 

Involves acupuncture point stimulation to imbalance the flow of qi through “meridians”. As well, the technique involves a superficial insertion of a needle through the skin where the needle is inserted only once and left to act.

The dry needling technique is an invasive procedure with a needle that targets directly to myofacial trigger points.The deep insertion of a needle through the skin and muscle multiple insertions/manipulations
are done in the same trigger point.

APS Needle Characteristics

Headless needle for better precision when puncturing.

Thicker and stiffer handle improves handling and control during all the process.

High strength Surgical Stainless Steel : 17-4.provides greater strength to the needle allowing better sharpening and its maintenance during multiple insertions.

Special conical sharpening for dry needling improves the needle penetration and handling.

Triple lubricant coating maintains lubrication during the process keeping the needle painless.

Triple polishing process removes the surface irregularities achieving a smooth painless needle.


A needle specially designed for dry needling.

Perfect grip that ensures total control and precision.

Facilitates the insertion and handling of the needle from the beginning to the end of the treatment.

For Patients 

Reduction of pain.

More satisfaction and confidence with the physiotherapist.

New Features

Nine Sizes, Nine Colours, each size different colour clip.

APS Dry Needling Needles have been differentiated in different colours for its better identification while working.


“The new DN needles, which are designed specifically for
the practice of dry needling, are easier to use than traditional
acupuncture needles. The DN needles feature larger and stiffer
handles, which make manipulation of the needles much easier.
The needles are smoother to insert and minimize tissue damage,
while optimizing patient comfort.”
Jan Dommerholt,


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