The 3 Biggest Changes with Infection Control in Physiotherapy


Infection control is critical during all physiotherapy treatments and Richmar has created world-class solutions that provide optimum infection control in a variety of applications. Gel Shot™, delivers an all-new, high-outcome, no-mess solution to ultrasound treatments. Richmar also set the new international standard, for the physical medicine and rehabilitation industries, by creating its Hydra-Therm Hot Packs and Hydra-Therm Composite Hot Pack Heating Units.

 Gel Shot Infographic

Gel Shot

Gel Shot is one of the most innovative breakthroughs in the prevention of cross-contamination during physiotherapy treatments in the past 10 years. This patented ultrasound product is individually wrapped in a hermetically-sealed blister pack, therefore eliminating bacteria and providing optimum infection control.

Hydra-Therm Hot Packs

These state-of-the-art heat packs have been developed to be virtually indestructible, highly-flexible to conform to individual body contours, bacteria-resistant to prevent contamination of the heating unit, as well as any cross contamination to the patient, easy to disinfect and completely sealed thereby creating low heat loss.

Hydra-Therm – Composite Hot Pack Heating Unit
Richmar has created the first composite heating unit ever manufactured, setting the new global standard. The Hydra-Therm State-of-the-Art Heating Unit is made of a high-grade polymer, that is temperature resistant and will neither rust or dent. Manufactured to strict specifications it will provide years of dependable service.

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