10 reasons to stick with K-Taping in 2014/15


Birgit Kumbrink (right), Physiotherapist, Founder of the K-Taping Method

Since the last course in June, the K-Taping Academy Canada team has been off hiding in the hills gathering energy in preparation for the 2014/2015 schedule. Over the summer we have receive many emails asking why K-Taping is different or better than any other elastic taping method.

Here are 7 reasons to stick with K-Taping:

1. The 2015 schedule is now available online. 2015 Schedule. Plan your year in advance and register for courses anytime.

2. The Founder, Birgit Kumbrink and our instructors are Physiotherapists. Check out all their amazing bios. Some of our instructors have been head therapists for NHL hockey teams, Cirque de Soleil, Dragon Boat Canada, Commonwealth Games, Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey Teams and more!

3. Partnership with Sport Physio Canada. We are a proud partner of Sport Physio Canada. K-Taping has been selected as the method of choice in the Sport Diploma and certification curriculum.

4. We are one of many international partners of the International K-Taping Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany.

5. Partnership with OrthoCanada. OrthoCanada offers the best pricing on all K-Taping products for K-Taping participants.

6. K-Taping International Academy Forum. All K-Taping participants have access the online forum. The forum allows K-Taping Therapists to connect with their instructors, and view all the applications in a 360 degree format. What a great resource.

7. In 2015 the K-Taping Sport will be a 3 day course. Beginning in May 22, 2015, the Academy Canada will offer a 3 day course in K-Taping Pro/Sport. The curriculum will consist of the 2 day K-Taping Pro with a full day of Sport taping on the 3rd day.

8. The K-Tape. High-quality tape is essential for the successful application of K-Taping therapy. The water-resistant and breathing properties of the K-Tape allow long wearability and a high level of comfort. K-Tape has very specific properties and maintains consistent quality over a period of several days and under stress. Critical to this requirement is the quality of the materials on the one hand, and the controlled, consistent processing on the other hand. The cotton fabric is woven with the warp and weft at right angles to each other and the incorporated elastic warp thread retains elasticity during the entire application period and not be subject to fatigue.

Quality comparison.

Top: K-Tape

Bottom: Another brand

9. Testimonials. After training 1000+ Canadian therapist, we have a few:

Posted on February 9, 2014Andrea Mendoza


Blog Post from PhysioAndrea 

Another supporter of Dollars For Development was OrthoCanada. At Kids Physio Group, I often use a fabulous brand of athletic tape called K-Tape, which OrthoCanada supplies and SportMed Retail Group in Vancouver carries. This tape is made of woven cotton that has properties allowing it to stretch, move, breathe, and resist water – this works great on active kids as it’s so resilient! There are many brands of this stretch tape available, but I’ve personally found that K-Tape has been the most durable and resistant to tearing (especially when placed on max stretch). Read more




May 15, 2014

Hello Leigh,

I was chatting with you at your trade stand at the recent PABC/CPTBC AGM  in Vancouver. You may remember applying one of the criss-cross tapes on my wrist ganglion  Well…. It’s gone! I applied the tape for about a week and am pleased to say there is a minimal bump now. So, yes, it does work.

Kind regards,


Lynda Lawrence Grad Dip Phys

Registered Physiotherapist

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapists

Certified Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation) Practitioner

Burrard Physiotherapy

#702-1190 Hornby Street,

Vancouver BC V6Z 2K5

Tel # 604 684 1640


August, 2014

Hey Leigh,

My name is Mugabi, and I am the AT you met while at the tradeshow booth for Orthocanada. I had asked you to tape my hamstring to experiment with how K-taping works.

It actually felt pretty good despite not being in the best taping position! You’ve definitely caught my interest with regards to this modality. I was hoping to keep in touch with you so that if either I am in your city (or vice versa) that I’d have the opportunity to do a course with you in the near future.

Cheers and best regards.

Mugabi Mpagi, CAT(C) 
Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) 
Bachelor of Applied Health Science (BAHSc, Athletic Therapy) 
Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) 


 August, 2014 

I visited the K-tape booth at the CanFitPro Show in Toronto this weekend and the man there gave me a few strips on my shoulders for my injury.  I went back the following day to ask him what I was supposed to feel; I didn’t really feel any different!  But after the weekend, upon returning to my normal fitness classes, I found that the impingement I was feeling in my shoulder was gone and I had regained an immense increase in mobility compared to the weeks of rehabilitation I was doing. My recovery had been slowing down until this point and I was afraid of losing that strength and mobility altogether. 


I admittedly had been calling it P-tape for placebo-tape, but I now have a new outlook and respect for this product. I have been spreading my experience around the gym and I can’t wait to stop by the store to grab a roll of my own!


Thanks for being at the CanFitPro conference!


Rachelle Ho


10. Fun. Every K-Taping course is an adventure and great fun. Check out the Academy Video.


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