MOBI™ Mobilization Devices

Created by a physiotherapist, the MOBI line of mobilization belts is a manual therapist’s best friend. OrthoCanada is pleased to introduce to our manual therapists a wide range of therapy belts to assist with the traction, mobilization and stretching of a patient. With their simple, and sturdy, comfortable construction, therapists are able to easily set-up […]

JayBird ONE Athletic Tape

For physiotherapists or athletic therapists looking to help stabilize an athlete or patient’s joint in order to help them get back to sport, or everyday life, taping is often a helpful tool. Whether taping a professional athlete’s sprained ankle, or an elderly person’s thumb, it is important to choose your tape wisely. For therapists who […]

Introducing Lehcare – A Natural Powerful Pain Cream

OrthoCanada is pleased to introduce Lehcare to health professionals. Specifically formulated for Arthritis and inflammation, Lehcare topical pain relief cream can also aid in quickly relieving pain associated with neuralgia, gout, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, backaches, bruises and sprains. Once applied, it produces a warm and soothing sensation that lasts for several hours. Lehcare […]